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Business operations, management and technology consulting services for growing companies.
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I can help improve operations; hire and train the best people; and implement modern technologies.

Who I am

I'm a seasoned business operator with an extensive technology background. In companies small and large, I've improved operations, made processes more efficient, and hired top talent.

I've bought and sold multiple companies. My career spans more than 20 years in operations and technology leadership roles.

I'd love to learn about your business in an introductory conversation and see how I can help.

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Curtis Kline

How I can help

Operations & Strategy

I help businesses build and grow. I'll review your operations, identify broken or inefficient processes, and develop a plan for success. Then I'll help implement the plan.

Hiring & Managing People

I'll work with you and your managers to identify the best performers. We'll determine who needs help, develop job descriptions, and come up with a hiring strategy. I can help with onboarding, training, and performance reviews, too.


I have an extensive background in modern technologies, including web development, security, online communication and cloud infrastructure. I'll work with your team to go over best practices, build plans to improve, and implement more effective systems.

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