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I'm a seasoned business operator with broad success across manufacturing, technology, and consumer products.

My background spans business operations and technology, including running my family’s manufacturing company during a growth period from $2 million to $13 million in revenue, and managing cloud infrastructure and software teams at Evernote, Livongo and Paperspace. In 2016 I bought an e-commerce consumer product company and expanded revenue by more than 20% in the first six months of operation. This year I helped a nonprofit ventilator startup called RespiraWorks build out an engineering team, set up business processes, and land $70,000 in grants in the first two months of operation.

I've bought and sold businesses, hired and fired dozens of employees, and helped many other businesses improve operations through better planning and smart use of modern technology.

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Inefficient day-to-day processes have a significant affect on productivity. I can review these processes and help you reduce waste, duplicate work, and unnecessary steps.
Through a structured process of information-gathering, analysis, and planning, I can help lay out a plan to dramatically improve business results.
Having a cohesive team that's functioning at the highest possible level is crucial to success. I can help identify problems and develop plans for rapid improvement.
Planning ahead for disasters or other interruptions to business is important for all companies. I'll review operations and suggest ways to improve resiliency, and I will develop contingency plans for common scenarios.
Modern business requires a deep understanding of the most useful technologies that can drive your business to the next level. My broad technology background can help harness the power of cutting-edge systems and infrastructure.
Security and privacy are key in the world of hackers and GDPR. I can identify vulnerabilities and develop mitigations and other plans to address potential issues.
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